Megan Barber

Love One Another - A Watercolour Greetings Card

Some good friends of ours recently got married. It's been wonderful to get to know them and their children over the last few years and we were delighted to hear thet were enagaged and planning their wedding. They chose to get married in York, surrounded by their immediate family and by all acounts had a wonderful day!

I've always loved making cards for birthdays, Christmas and other celebrations and have recently been painting a bit more - particularly with watercolours - so I painted this card for them.

Watercolour is often thought to result in a pale or washed-out appearance, but I've been experimenting with bolder tones and particularly like the warm reds, yellows and greens in this autumnal design. I often pick out the detail with a fine black pen. Floral patterns and textures have been a constant in my work for years.

I'll try and post a few more 'work in progress' shots the next time I have my paint brush out!

Love One Another - A Watercolour Greetings Card